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Full size cable loom assembly trials and tool development

Divertor/In-vessel loom clamp
Divertor/In-vessel loom clamp

The in-vessel components of the ITER Diagnostics are located all over the inner shell of the Vacuum Vessel, in the Ports and on the Divertor Cassettes. The electrical transmission lines that transmit the signals from the sensors across the vacuum boundaries are Mineral Insulated Cables. These cables will be arranged into looms, which will be fixed to the vacuum vessel with different kinds of attachments.

The ITER tokamak is at a stage, where manufacturing and testing of each component are becoming more and more important. For this reason, to allow the ITER IO to assess feasibility, gain experience and obtain feedback with respect to the suitability of the current designs regarding handling and installation of in-vessel signal cables and loom components, GEMS Engineering has carried out a series of installation trials on full-scale mockups of in-vessel and divertor looms, upper and lower port marshalling area looms. Besides of installation trials, the scope of the work also covered the manufacturing and testing of in-port connectors, cable clamps and clips for in-vessel and divertor looms and marshalling areas.

Recent developments and results had also been summarized and presented at the 2022 Symposium on Fusion Technology event (

See here our presented poster.

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4+2 years tender won for the supply of goods and services for ITER
[13 September 2021] A consortium formed by GEMS Engineering (Hungary), C3D Engineering (Hungary, leader) and Arkadia Technology (France) won a 4+2 years tender for the supply of goods and services for ITER via a Framework Contract titled Diagnostic Electrical Services Implementation.
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Major references

GEMS Engineering is deeply involved in and fully devoted to the success of the ITER project. As a result, our main reference works are in connection with ITER, and - more closely - to its diagnostic systems.

The ITER device, currently under construction in the south of France, will study the potential of controlled nuclear fusion to provide energy for mankind. In order to study the behaviour of this device, a set of monitoring systems (referred to as Diagnostics) is required. These Diagnostics will provide the information required to understand the performance of the device.

Infrastructure development for in-vessel diagnostic signal transmission
Infrastructure development for in-vessel diagnostic signal transmission
The Erosion Deposition Monitor under the divertor dome in ITER
The Erosion Deposition Monitor under the divertor dome in ITER
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