GEMS Engineering Ltd.

is an engineering SME specialized for the R&D market and offering innovative engineering and managerial solutions for projects involving substantial amounts of human expertise. We are supplying solutions covering the whole development process: from conceptual through final designs up-to prototype manufacturing, testing and installation of the final product.

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Bridging science and technology

The four pillars of our portfolio

Research & Development

Mechanical Engineering and Analysis

prototype design, testing, qualifications

in-house production of high-tech assemblies

Our competencies


Our activities cover the whole scope of the development process from conceptual design to design optimisation for manufacturing.

  • Development of UHV components

    • In-vacuum mechanisms (In-vacuum manipulation)
    • Vacuum chambers
    • Vacuum systems
  • Development of optical systems

    • Optomechanics
    • Optical systems
  • Development of special tooling

  • Reengineering

Finite element modelling

  • Static and dynamic simulations

  • Thermal analysis

  • Mechanical analysis

  • Fluid analysis

  • Electromagnetic analysis

Prototype qualification and testing

We offer a wide range of tests and combinations thereof in order to make constructions better or simply qualify them. Beside our standard test machines we also develop special holding structures or even unique machines to fulfil the special requirement of our partners.

  • Mechanical tests

  • Vacuum tests

  • Electrical tests

  • Optical tests

  • Assembly tests

  • Durability tests

In – house production

High quality parts made on high tech machines even if it is about prototyping or series production!

  • Vacuum components

    Among others we manufacture custom made CF flanges, vacuum chambers.

  • Prototype manufacturing

  • Series production of small scale parts

  • Custom made high precision optomechanics

  • Manufacturing process optimization